Why this Chinese New Year will be different for many Hong Kongers

Photo by Chromatograph on Unsplash

In these COVID times, Chinese New Year celebrations in communities across the world will look very different. Gone are the large family gatherings, visiting elderly relatives, traditional lion dances and fireworks. This year’s celebrations will be more muted, more sombre and reflective.

This year, across dinner tables in Hong Kong, many Hong Kongers will be reflecting on their own family’s future in an increasingly authoritarian Hong Kong. Each passing day brings fresh news of further erosions of fundamental freedoms once taken for granted. The national security law unanimously…

Now that the spotlight is again shining on racism and privilege in our society, I wanted to share with you some musings about my own experience as someone of mixed Chinese heritage, and more generally the issues which I’ve been reflecting on.

Thankfully, I haven’t been the victim of out and out racism in quite a few years, something which I have always put down to my white-ish appearance which allows me to pass. But in recent years I’ve become pre-occupied with micro-aggressions, something which all people of colour will have experienced at one time or another. Like when you…

Cameron-Wong Mcdermott

Human rights lawyer and activist

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